• Charity Events

    Charity Events

    Richard and a bunch of good-hearted celebrities took part in the annual Chook Run 4 Charity from Noosa to Caloundra to raise money for SunnyKids.

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Welcome to Richard Fogarty.com

Richard Fogarty

I say everyone has a story, but I would like to think my story was and is for purpose to make a difference. I have lived and experienced a lot of things in my life which some people could only dream of or would have only nightmares about.

I have lived all facets of life from child abuse, child bullying, drugs, alcohol, depression and I feel very blessed to have survived. After you read and listen to my story you will understand why I have travelled to many places and have had the opportunity to empowerinspiremotivate other people from school children to the business world.

After people listen to my story I guarantee that you will be inspired as well.

My purpose in life is to empowerinspiremotivate people and to make a difference in other people’s lives.


Philippians 4:13