Fitness Coach


When it comes to a personal fitness coaches it would be hard to go past Richard’s style, passion, motivation & Mindset.

Throughout Richard’s 22 years of Fighting & Coaching career Richard has help achieve some great things with not just professional fighters but people who just want to achieve great fitness, self defense & Mindset goals in their lives.

Richard’s Career Record:

  • Kyokushin Karate – F9 | W8  | L1
  • Kyokushin Ring Karate – F7 | W7 | L0
  • Kickboxing – F22 |  W21 |  L0 D1
  • Thai boxing – F6 |  W6 |  L0
  • Boxing – F10 |  W10 |  L0

When you train with Richard his FIGHT FITNESS pad work, strength & conditioning, Mind set, self-defense training and over all Training style is unique.

Why Richard’s Personal Fitness Coaching is the real deal is with Richard’s Experience as a Fighter and a Coach, this is how you will train and this is what you will learn.

  • Mind Set & Thinking for Peak Performance
  • Boxing Skills & Fitness
  • Mauy Thai / KickBoxing Skills & Fitness
  • Cardio
  • Endurance
  • Weight Loss
  • Self-Defence Skills

Richard’s experience as a Coach has taken him around the world to train with some great athletes. You too can train like a fighter or just training for fitness and peak performance and achieve your goals with Coach Richard. But Richard does warn you it isn’t easy but what you achieve is your own greatness.



fitness2Richard’s knowledge and passion in changing people’s lives and the way they think through martial arts & fitness, makes his training not like anything you have experienced before.

Richard’s Personal Coaching caters to:

  • One On One Sessions
    Richard’s One on One session’s are regarded as a power packed, motivated and passionate way to your Mental & Physical improvement. Richard’s One on One session’s are the best way to help you overcome obstacles not only with your fitness but mindset and life. It will be guaranteed when you finish one of Richard’s One on One session you will have a new found motivation not just for fitness but life.

    “Working with Richard has help me not only with my mindset but life views as well, as the way Richard thinks he just doesn’t have the Fail word with him”

    John Steffensen – Olympic Sprinter

  • Team Coaching
    Richard can help your sporting team perform at its absolute best mentally & Physically. Richard assists with helping your team understand how to Focus as well as being able to change their thinking & mindset to perform at its peak. Richard’s background as an athlete & Coach but also his knowledge in Life can help your team achieve its absolute best.

    “Working with Richard and not only seeing what passion, inspiration & motivation he has for sport but life, it really inspires whoever is around him he just has that attitude that everyone can be great ”

    Jeff Fenech – 3 Time World Boxing Champion & Australian Boxing Legend

  • Seminar’s
    Richard’s Martial Arts & Peak Performance seminars deliver not only the mental game, but Empowerment, Inspiration & Motivation to your sporting club or sporting event. Richard tailors his seminars specific to your Sporting Club, Sporting event or members. You will find Richards seminars are inspiring, practical and motivating.

    “Richards Muay Thai seminar provided invaluable skills and technique training. Richards extensive knowledge and experience in Muay Thai was evident within his seminar and his teaching. The seminar really covers a lot in the 2 hrs but not only technique and fitness but also Richards martial arts experience and his mindset. The seminar was awesome, very enjoyable.”

    Scott & Clint Chaffey – Chaffey’s Martial Arts Academy Tamworth

Training Videos

Strike Coach Richard Fogarty Pad Work

UFC fighter Erik Goyito Perez strike training pad work

UFC fighter Erik Goyito Perez strike training

Erik Goyito Perez Pad work Training

Richard Fogarty training Pads with UFC Mexican fighter Eric