On The Mic With Mike Altamura Podcast Interview

On-The-Mic-With-Mike-AltamuraA gripping life conversation with one of Australia’s leading MMA Striking/Boxing coaches Richard “FaithFighter” Fogarty!

1233newcastle – Craig Hamilton speaks to Rich Fogarty

Rich Fogerty from One World Boxing Newcastle joined Craig Hamilton on Saturday Breakfast, to speak about Foundation One, and the goals to change the lives of young people for the better.

Jon Jones Is All Ears At Jackson/Winklejohn’s

Rich-and-Jon-JonesLight heavyweight champion Jon Jones is a sponge and he has gotten to where he is today by learning from any and everyone. He is seen here at his home gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico talking with Australian Muay Thai coach Richard Fogarty while his recently rehired wrestling coach, Izzy Martinez’s dog eaves drops.


A way to stop street fights

richard-fogartyICONIC ’80s film the Karate Kid might hold some of the solutions for alcohol-fuelled violence.

Local charity ambassador and martial arts coach Richard Fogarty is hoping to take young men under his wing in the same way Mr Miyagi did for Daniel LaRusso in the hit flick.

Mr Fogarty is in talks with a couple of investors to achieve his long time vision of a mentoring training facility on the Sunshine Coast.

Mr Fogarty is already mentoring young men who need guidance in martial arts through his charity, Sunny Kids.

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Boxers  help beat Depression

boxers-beat-depressionSOME of Australia’s best boxers will come to the Hunter in the coming months to help young people at risk of depression.

Hunter Medicare Local launched an initiative with Headspace yesterday at the Sydney gym of boxing icon Johnny Lewis.
A number of famous boxers including Garth Wood, Jamie Pitman and Bard Hardman among others will each visit the Newcastle Headspace to talk to youth aged 18 to 25 about their experiences.

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Richard interviewed on ABC Coast FM

Fighting All The Way

Fighting All The WayWhen you meet Richard Fogarty you wouldn’t guess he personally knows high profile people such as Shane Warne, Elizabeth Hurley, Muhammad Ali, Joe Lewis, Jeff Fenech, Mike Tyson and a bunch of other celebrities.

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Troy Plays Chicken with Blistering Heat


Troy Deighton (in the chicken suit) and a bunch of good-hearted celebrities took part in the annual Chook Run 4 Charity from Noosa to Caloundra to raise money for SunnyKids yesterday.

Troy Deighton (in the chicken suit) and a bunch of good-hearted celebrities took part in the annual Chook Run 4 Charity from Noosa to Caloundra to raise money for SunnyKids yesterday.

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Who’s Who Joins Run for SunnyKids

Maroochy Weekly

chook-runRichard Fogarty, Troy Deighton, three-time world boxer, Jeff Fenech, champion sprinter John Steffensen, Olympian Scott Hill, former Melbourne Storm player, Rhys Drury and nine-time world Thai boxing champion Wayne Parr join the run.

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Story an Inspiration

harnessing male prideSUNSHINE Coast businessman Richard Fogarty knew his life story would pull a few heartstrings when it was revealed last month – but he did not comprehend the reception he has received.

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Harnessing Male Pride

harnessing male prideRICHARD Fogarty wants men to open up about how they feel. It’s not something that happens often enough, he says. The Sunshine Coast businessman and speaker wants to connect with men through social networking.

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January People

richard-profile-magI was built out of my childhood. While much of my personality was forged from a need to be noticed and loved in a crowd of kids, it has made me strive for success in everything I do, and cherish the ones I love.

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Family Back in Swim


Dameon Langdon of Twist Landscapes, back left, Wade Fenton of Samios Plumbing supplies, Richard Spencer of Astral Pool, Richard Fogarty of Pools by Design and mum Jackie McCarthy watch Ella, 3, and Hayley, 8, in the new pool.

MOUNTAIN Creek mother Jackie McCarthy has had her back yard rescued through the kindness of strangers.

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SunnyKids Benefit From Lifes Lessons


Richard Fogarty has adopted local charity SunnyKids in an attempt to make a difference.

“Once I met Richard and heard the story behind Brotherhood Pride and its mission to build a network of love and support for the ‘brothers’ they come across, I knew that many of the boys and young men we work with would benefit from knowing Richard.

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Coast Boxers Spread the Message on Fox Sports

The Coast’s footy codes did it last weekend, but on July 19, support for the Queensland Cancer Council will reach a considerably wider audience. A Fox Sports-sized, nationwide audience. As part of the Detonation Thai-boxing event at the Caloundra Events Centre, all fighters will be wearing the yellow Call to Arms armbands to help promote cancer awareness.

Promoter Richard Fogarty, who runs Brotherhood Pride Promotions with his brother Robert, said the event – the first on the Coast to be televised on Fox Sports – provided a timely opportunity to support the council as his mother is presently battling melanoma.

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Fancy Meeting Muhammad Ali?

How about meeting Ali in the lounge room of his Kentucky home and having another former world boxing champion, Lennox Lewis, walk in as well?
That’s the dreamlike situation Sunshine Coast businessman and fight promoter Richard Fogarty and his brother Robert found themselves in the start of the month.
They had been invited some months ago to travel to the United States for a special lunch at Ali’s home to support the Ali Centre, a charity they have joined as members.

Fogarty said he had a passion to help children on the Sunshine Coast who have been diagnosed with illness, been abused, or just need something in their lives to be inspired. “This is what the Ali centre is about. Kids and adults getting inspired to do good for one another and to be inspired in life to succeed themselves,” he said.

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