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With no disrespect to smokers but I do have to say, I do take my hat off to you.

As I went for a run this morning and my normal run is about 7kms which I cover this distance in around 35 min.

Why I take my hat off to smokers is as I am running and struggling to suck in fresh oxygen as I run I run past so many people who appear to have just got out of bed and got dressed and going to work.

But as these people are jumping into their car they are sucking on a cigarette and drinking a V drink.

Why I take my hat off to them is I really don’t know how they can first thing in the morning to be sucking on a cigarette and drinking a V drink I really wonder what this would be doing to the body.

As much as I am struggling to take in fresh air, man it must be hard to wake up in the morning and suck in smoke and drink a energy drink.

Truly better than me

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = Healthy Life

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