My Life Views

The world is a funny place with even funnier humans in it.

My views at life that I am in are I really don’t have time to worry about what things or people around me are doing or saying most of the time as I really have my goals and ideas I have to achieve in my life.

It’s not about my life that I have to achieve these goals and ideas it is about achieving them for others.

When it comes people who praise or criticise me, my thoughts are as follows.

Praise me and I am thankful and humble

Criticise me and it’s water off a ducks back because as I said I have so many things I need to accomplish which leaves me no time to sit and ponder.

Where I draw the line with people I call friends or associates with me it’s not a big deal but my family then this is another thing.

We all have the choice to respect others and what I find very sad is when people judge or treat my family because of what I do then that is sad.

When I get asked how do I describe people who really aren’t themselves and try to be people they want to be by disrespecting other people, my description of theses people are


When you look at people even know everyone is different the beauty of it is that we won’t get along with everyone but the ones that act like EASTER EGGS are the ones you have the choice of not being around.

EASTER EGGS: Even know wrapped in the pretty little foil, when the foil is removed it still the same colour and full of air.

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