Richard Fogarty Mentoring

Life Coach Mentoring


  • Richard Fogarty Mentoring was started to provide support and mentoring for young people & families.
  • Richard Fogarty Mentoring strives to empower, inspire and motivate young people & families so they realize they can do whatever they put their minds to.
  • Richard Fogarty Mentoring conducts its business in a completely non-denominational and non-political way. We intend to help break the cycle of the thought patterns some young people & families who believe they are not good enough in life.
  • Richard Fogarty Mentoring will achieve this by working with young people and their families, and offer those solutions and options to another and better way. If we can break the cycle by empowering, inspiring and motivating them and ensuring them that there is a better way, then hopefully they will see the opportunities that they have in life, which were previously clouded by their thinking and thought patterns and life experiences.

Richard Fogarty Mentoring Mission


  • Richard Fogarty Mentoring (Making a difference) through Empowering – Inspiring – Motivating
  • Richard Fogarty Mentoring is for those who will stand up for others whose voices would not otherwise be heard.
  • Richard Fogarty Mentoring is for those who need a hand up from being beaten down.
  • Richard Fogarty Mentoring is for those who are willing to do something about it.

Company Description


Richard Fogarty Mentoring is a group that wants people to be emotionally and actively involved with the work they do. The Richard Fogarty Mentoring group runs youth & family mentoring programs all with one goal in mind and that is to “Empower – Inspire – Motivate” young people & their families. We plan to do this in many ways throughout the community. We help young people & their families who just need that hand up through the use of mentoring programs.

We focus on job search, schooling, health, wellbeing and life coaching for all young people & their families with all needs. We also put them into fully sponsored martial arts training. This builds self-confidence, inner strength, discipline, self-belief, and toughness (both physical and mental) plus various other benefits. For the mentoring martial arts programsThe Richard Fogarty Mentoring group caters for, tuition, uniforms and equipment and even tournaments should they choose to compete.

The Richard Fogarty Mentoring group GROUP also focuses on school & teenage anti-bullying programs run inside high schools. We have several other programs in the pipeline so be sure to check back regularly to see what The Richard Fogarty Mentoring group are offering now.

The Richard Fogarty Mentoring group is very confident that our programs work. We are very proud of what we have achieved and what we are going to achieve. We get our name out there and attract the attention and support of our awesome sponsors.

The Richard Fogarty Mentoring group has several professional athletes present and past as great supporters, ambassadors who also care about making a difference in the lives of young people & their families. These supporters & ambassadors wear theThe Richard Fogarty Mentoring group clothing brand name off and on the sporting fields.The Richard Fogarty Mentoring group is really proud of all of our supporters and grateful for their continued support and we are thankful for each and every one of them.The Richard Fogarty Mentoring group supporters are world champions and gym legends such as three-time world champion and Australian boxing legend Jeff Fenech , ironman champion Rhys Drury, former Melbourne storm rugby league legend Scott Hill, John Steffensen, Kyle Noke, Jon Bones Jones, plus many more.

If you would like to be a part ofThe Richard Fogarty Mentoring group please let me know :)If you have any other questions about who we are and what we do feel free to drop me a line.



Youth & families sponsorship we have available you can sponsor our mentoring programs. You can assist financially for life coaching or job placement sessions or even our martial arts training. Also, if you have a school and would like to find out more about The Richard Fogarty Mentoring group mentoring program please contact us immediately.

Also as a way of fund-raising we offer Richard Fogarty Mentoring group partnered merchandise like FAITH Fighter T-shirts, singlets, and wristbands, along with sporting memorabilia you can contact us at in regards to these products. Why The Richard Fogarty Mentoring group is different is because we care. We offer 100% transparency with all of our sponsors.

If you want to become a part of The Richard Fogarty Mentoring group go to to make a difference and help young people & their families going through good times or bad times helping them and supporting them.

Keep up with all the latest updates and have the opportunities to participate in Richard’s vision & passion and support his events.