Hey bro, I love your work and your positive attitude. It’s so refreshing to see and hear. I’m the big boss now of of the sales room (The Royal in Cancun) and I’m looking to inspire my team on a daily basis. The only way I can truly do that is to be inspired myself and bro you inspire. Don’t stop being you, strong. your good people!
Jon Willems

I can’t thank you enough mate for everything…. You’ve taken the time to train me, discipline me, teach me and most of all you have saved my marriage. Your teachings with me have inspired me to become a better person, a better husband and a better father. I owe you so much Richard…. Thank you for being there for me. Your one of my closest mates and I’m priveliged to have you and your family in my life.

I read your story legend, keep it up, its blokes like you that change people’s lives for the better, more power to you old mate, cheers to the future, well done.

For me Richard your story was emotional but incredibly inspirational the world needs more people like you. Hope only good things come your way.

WOW. You’re a true inspiration mate. From one freckly lil kid to another.

Inspirational brother!!

Inspirational bro wow

Well said mate you are a champion hope the new year goes great for you and rob, rich take it easy all the best

Having known you for a long time Rich I never knew of the pain you were hiding for all those years. When I caught up with you last year I felt inspired and motivated by you and you helped give me the strength and courage to fight my own battles and for that I truly thank you. I believe everything you set your mind to you can and will achieve and for that I wish you all the very best xx

Amazing, truly remarkable person you are.

Mate it’s a real credit that you can share a story like that, don’t think many could. Amazing what you’ve turned it into and what you now dedicate your life to.

Richard, you deserve all the success you have, you are an inspiration…

Your an inspiration rich keep up the great work
Felicia wow u r such an inspiration rich I read it to my family. Keep up the awesome work mate.

Your going to change a lot of young people’s lives Rich!!

Your a legend mate slapped some sense into me over the years.

A true champion…..you’re an inspiration to many Rich, and you really won’t know just how much….. Thank you

Richard just wanted to say thank you for your support and friendship over the past twelve months in particular. It’s really helped me in my life and I am very grateful.